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First Walkers



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Size Chart

18 2 11.3 - 11.8
19 3 11.9 - 12.3
20 4 12.4 - 13.2
21 4.5 13.3 - 13.8
22 5 13.9 - 14.3
23 6 14.4 - 14.8
24 7 14.9 - 15.6
25 8 15.7 - 16.3
26 9 16.4 - 16.8
27 9.5 16.9 -17.3
28 10 17.4 - 17.8
29 11 17.9 - 18.5
30 11.5 18.6 - 19.3
31 12 19.4 - 20.0
32 13 20.1 - 20.5
33 J1 20.6 - 21.0
34 J2 21.1 - 21.5

How to measure kid's feet...

Description: Take your little buddy to school or daycare in these schoolboy-ish navy sandals. These ankle strap sandals with silver buckles and zigzag stitches are play place equipped. Always, feet are comfy running around in Andy Blues’ moisture absorbent and anti-bacterial insoles that provide healthy support for fist time walkers.

Type: Sandals

Material: Nubuck Leather


  • Adjustable Velcro closure
  • Two buckle straps
  • Anti-bacterial insoles
  • Shock-absorbent thermoplastic outsoles
  • High built-in arch support
  • Air valves for moisture reduction
  • Thomas heel

Brand: First Walkers (designed in Australia, manufactured in Turkey, Europe)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Daley J.
They’re good not great

The shoe is really good quality however the buckles are very hard to open and close, they’re really stiff and they’re still stiff even after months of wearing them in. I had to change the bottom buckle into velcro so I could get my son’s foot in easily. The shoe does what it is supposed to but I wouldn’t buy another pair purely for the reason that they’re so hard to put on

Jacob M.
Jacobs shoes

Amazing amazing amazing

Julie D.
Great product

Great shoes with great support. I have bought my son shoes here since he started walking and they have all been excellent. I’ve also been impressed with how quickly they arrive!

Exactly what we needed

I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the First Walkers we purchased for our daughter. She has low muscle tone and joint hypermobility. All her gross motor milestones have been borderline late and we went to see a developmental physiotherapist. They suggested orthopaedic shoes/boots with ankle support. I searched online and found your website. We purchased a pair of size 3 sandals (following the sizing instructions on your website) and they fit our daughter perfectly. She has just taken her first independent steps a few days short of 18 months of age and we are sure this is has been greatly assisted by your shoes, which she has been wearing for the last month. They are showing minimal signs of wear and tear after many hours of walking, climbing and crawling in all weather. We will definitely be back for more!

Alyssa P.
Love them

These shoes are not only super cute but my almost-1-year-old seems so comfortable and well supported while wearing them. They are helping her to stand properly on her foot rather than her toes and they fit her tiny little chubby feet well as the straps on the front are adjustable. I wouldn't normally spend more than $20 on kids shoes however after seeing the quality of these I will be purchasing more when she grows out of them, more than worth it for good quality supportive shoes.