How to Measure My Kid’s Feet and Choose the Right Shoe Size

Ever bought a pair of boys’ sandals or girls’ shoes online? We used to tiptoe over online shopping, but today, there’s quite an array of dependable e-commerce sites worthy of a shopping splurge. Nevertheless, some of us still hesitate to buy certain items online simply because we don’t know how to choose the right size, for example, of girls’ sandals.

If you wonder how to get your girl or boy’s shoe size right, it’s actually way easier than you think. First, you have to measure your toddler’s feet correctly. Then, consult a kids shoe size chart for your preferred sizing standard – European or UK. Lastly, choose a size that’s just a tiny bit bigger. Never buy smaller or “too big.”

Now, let’s get on to measuring your child’s feet. To measure your toddler’s feet accurately, you will have him stand with his back against a wall with a piece of paper under his feet. To measure you baby’s feet, we have something simpler.

Also, measure both feet, but one at a time. One foot is usually slightly bigger than the other so whether using it for girls’ sandals or boys’ sneakers, use the measurement of the bigger foot.

Measuring Toddlers’ Feet

  • Get two pieces of paper that are big enough to fit one foot. Get a pencil, ruler in centimeters, and follow these simple steps
  • Prepare the first piece of paper by drawing a line across its length
  • Put the paper alongside a wall with the line pointing away from the wall
  • Have your toddler stand on the piece of paper with his back and heel against the wall. The middle of his heel and his longest toe should fall on top of the drawn line
  • Mark the point on the line where the tip of his longest toe ends. Then proceed to measuring the other foot

How To Measure Kids' Feet in cm diagram

  • Do this activity on a flat, solid surface, and follow these instructions carefully to make sure you get the right size for your girl or boy’s sandals or shoes
  • In centimeters, measure the line from the edge of the paper up to the pencil mark. That’s your toddler’s foot measurement.

Measuring Babies’ Feet

  • When measuring baby feet, instead of making her stand, place the paper with the line under her foot. Do this while she is lying on her back. Mark the heel and mark the toe along the drawn line

Now, it’s time to convert the (longer) foot measurement into a shoe size for your boy’s or girl's sandals or sneakers. First Walkers toddler sandals, sneakers, mary janes and shoes use EU kids shoe sizes. However, we have provided here both European and UK sizes:

18 2 11.3-11.8
19 3 11.9-12.3
20 4 12.4-13.2
21 4.5 13.3-13.8
22 5 13.9-14.3
23 6 14.4-14.8
24 7 14.9-15.6
25 8 15.7-16.3
26 9 16.4-16.8
27 9.5 16.9-17.3
28 10 17.4-17.8
29 11 17.9-18.5
30 11.5 18.6-19.3
31 12 19.4-20.0
32 13 20.1-20.5
33 J1 20.6-21.0
34 J2 21.1-21.5

Found the size for your little sandals yet? Remember, kids’ feet grow fast. However, don’t buy oversized baby sandals just because their feet will eventually grow. Proper fitting boy’s sandals, kids sneakers, or what have you, are crucial to foot development and prevention of injuries, so choose sizes wisely.